The Scratch site is at Scratch website and a google search states: "Scratch: a programming language for everyone. Create interactive stories, games, music and art - and share them online". International Scratch day was Sunday 23rd May. This was celebrated in just two places in NZ: Wellington and Forrest Hill School. An invite went out to families who wanted to come to the school and learn how to use Scratch. Around 50 people turned up, mostly students of Forrest Hill School and Coatesville School with their mums and dads. Mr James Robson the IT Studies teacher at FHS intiated the participation in International Scratch Day and was closely supported by Christine Robson and Penny Elson also teachers at FHS. The Computer suite and many of the classrooms with computers were just buzzing with students and their parents, programming away making strategy games which then they played. The programming took around three hours of concerted concentration with help provided by those students from both schools who were competant programmers already. Look out for International Scratch Day 2011. James will be registering our school again as a host and there won't be just 50 people scatching away but more like 150! Put the event in your diary now! Thanks James - the day was a real scratch! Enid Watson Here's the video clip that was posted:

This video clip is Cameron and his mum Catherine. Cameron is in Year 4 and has been an avid user of Scratch since Year 2. Scratch Day was Catherine's first introduction to Scratch and she loved it! Catherine and Cameron completed 3 projects together with Catherine finally animating a character to a Black Eye Peas song.

If you would like to know more about Scratch and how to use it in your classroom, please email James Robson at Forrest Hill School

Here is the link to the FORREST HILL SCHOOL SCRATCH DAY GALLERIES. Here you can view the many projects that were completed.