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Student Voice Presentation Notes

Wiki Bits & Pieces

Here you will find buttons I have created for class wikis plus links to often used sites.
To use a button just drag & drop onto your desktop.

button study.jpg button topic.jpg button spellingcity.jpg button maths.jpg button language.jpg button homework.jpg

cooltext636155306.pngMathletics.jpg Edit button.jpg save button.jpg T Button.jpg
Senior.jpg MIddle.jpg Junior.jpg
Room 1.jpg Room 2.jpg Room 3.jpg Room 4.jpg Room 5.jpg Room 6.jpg Room 7.jpg
Room 18.jpg Room 19.jpg Room 21.jpg Room 22.jpg
number.jpeg reading.jpeg writing.jpeg

These JPGs have hyperlinks to the site.


hero_site.jpg Hector.jpg create a graph.jpg
ixl.jpg literacyzone.jpg mathszone.jpg mathsisfun.jpg
MP_Logo_Bevel_Purple.gif multiplication.jpg Roy.jpg story treasure chest.jpg
storyline.jpg storystarter.jpg logo_listen_read.pngshepherd_software.jpg study_ladder.jpg

SOLO taxonomy.jpg

Mathematics Levels

GLOSS stages.jpg

e-asTTle Explanation for Parents

e-asTTle parents.jpg

Curriculum Levels - Year expectations