Principal's Introduction

We are really excited about the journey we are beginning in ICT professional development.
We have the hardware and infrastructure to take advantage of developments in ICT and e-learning.
We look forward to sharing these with our students in the years ahead.
Our web site is at:


E-learning currently

One laptop per teacher. Computer suite (22 computers). All Blocks have a mini computer pod (10 computers) and other computers in the classrooms. Ceiling mounted data projector in all homegroups. Computer suite in Visual Arts room used for animation work. Mimios in all home groups and music and art. Student internet access. A lot of software for literacy. Digital still and video cameras available.

E-learning Vision
To embed the use of ICT in teaching and learning programmes to improve student achievement, especially in literacy and numeracy.

School ICT goal 2011
To continue to develop the use of the Mimio in curriculum delivery
To develop the use of compact video recorders by students and staff to enhance curriculum learning experiences
To further develop the use of our software packages and interactive websites (specifically our targeted children)


Block One: Judy Carter, Teresa Nathan, Emma Hegan, Dave Clayton
Block Two: Bernadette Walles, Rika Kirstein, Rodney Bowden
Block Three: Teresa Aue, George Pilgrim, Christine Graham

Meetings at Wairau

QLC Summary – Term 2

LT release days

Syndicate Day 1, 7/5/2010

Ian, our facilitator, is in school working with each of the three Blocks on school wide goals

Ian's Slide Presentation

Feedback form
Feedback from Syndicate Day 1

Syndicate Day 2, 20/8/2010

Ian, our facilitator, is in school working with each of the three Blocks on school wide goals

Feedback from Syndicate Day 2
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Wairau LT Mtg 19/5/2010

Wairau LT Mtg 2011

LT Job Description

Strategic Plan 2011

Strategic Plan 2012

Milestone Evidence

Goal 1 : Pupils
Sample flip video Students using the mimio The computer pod Using the flip video to record speech practice

Goal 3 : Teachers
Lainey Mills - Mimio training
Goal 4 : Community

Latest school newsletter

Summary of QLC - May '11

Milestone 4

Goal 1 : Pupils

A finished picture book , written and illustrated by Nicola G. The books were created using MS Publisher, Paint, Mimio and the internet. Finished

books were then shared with cluster Primary schools.

Interactive maths site :
Cybersafety as part of Health Unit : Keeping Ourselves Safe
CyberBullies - a play written, acted and videoed by students
Social Studies :
Social Studies : Explorers - Research presented on Powerpoint

Nicky_image.PNGWairau's Got Talent - videoed by Rebecca.

Wairau Magazine pages created by students using a host of ICT tools.

Food Technology Project : Design a Restaurant - Google Sketchup

Goal 3 : Teachers

Summary of Wairau staff QLC.


PD - staff familiarsing themselves with updates to student academic report. This report is generated through Classroom Manager, and achievement is updated in real-time. Formative and summative assessment is recorded regularly.

PE - Soccer Training Video - used as a recap/follow up on soccer skills throughout unit.

Goal 4 : Community

Link to newsletter
Link to newspaper page


Community 2011

ICT Survey:
  1. Do you have internet connection at home? Yes / No
  2. Is your internet connection dial-up or broadband (Circle)
  3. We are looking at getting a Learning Management System for the school. This will allow parents top access assessment information about their child. It will also have the facility for students to establish a “portfolio” where they can, among other things, upload examples of their work for parents to look at and comment on. Would you find this a useful tool to involve you in your child’s education? Yes / No
Survey results:
We had returns from 92% of parents/caregivers
98% have internet access at home
95% have broadband access
85% indicated that an LMS would be a useful tool

Milestone 5

Goal 1 : Students

Goal 3 : Teachers

Milestone 6

Interactive Whiteboard Collaborative learning
IWB collaborative learning 3.JPG IWB collaborative learning 2.JPG IWB collaborative learning 1.JPG

Hyperlinked School Play script:
sample page Interactive Hyperlinked script.PNG

Backdrops created by students for School Play: