Useful Video and Audio resources.

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A safe way to share, and crop, Youtube videos.

safe share of video

Recording student voice.

Some great discussion about tools for recording voices at 9th March LT Day.
Sunnynook use Garageband editing suite (free on their Macbooks). Anna has been using it and Shelley plans to start in 2010.
Audacity is a similar free package for us lesser mortals that use PCs!
Vocaroo is a very simple free package, with no editing capability. It does allow you to save files (.wav) to your desktop.
Anna's found students able to grasp easily the basics of editing: Ensure progression of editing skills through the school. (IanS)

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Audacity & Garageband

Here's some links to tutorials and guides to getting Garageband alternatives. There're tutorials for many packages on youtube.
Audacity Tutorial on Youtube

garageband for pc
garageband alternative for pc