On behalf of Sunnynook Primary School I would like to welcome you and your family to our community.
Your children are especially welcome and we hope their stay with us will be a profitable one, both educationally and socially.
The Vision of our school is "Learning for a Successful Future".
To achieve our vision our students need to have access to HIGH QUALITY EDUCATION to be LIFE LONG LEARNERS who will beSOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE in a GLOBAL COMMUNITY.

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Sunnynook Primary School e-learning at the start:

One Macbook per teacher, data projectors in each classroom, cameras, Mimios, Computer Lab of 20 AppleMacs. Student internet access. Software licences for KidPix, PM Readers, Sunshine Readers

E-learning Vision:

Our vision is to provide long-term professional development to teachers in the effective use of ICT in order to enhance the improvement in teaching quality and learning outcomes for all students supported through the effective use of e-learning.

School wide ICT Goals for 2010:
  1. To develop the increased capability of teachers and staff to use ICT to facilitate improvements in students’ learning and achievement
  2. To incorporate the effective use of ICT to enhance student learning relating to literacy and reading



Senior Team goals - 5 classes
Within a narrative focus students will be engaged to use a range of ICT tools to help understand the deeper features of their writing and their reading material. Evident through the students deeper analyse measured through PROBE

E-learning - To use a variety of ICT tools to enhance student literacy

To use Photobooth and GarageBand to self-assess, monitor fluency and phrasing when reading aloud
Fiona Lister (Room 21), Anna Alison (Room 3), Yolanda Harvey, Manju Naran (Room 4), and Carrick Wilson (Room 1).

Middle Team goals - 5 classes
Children will be able to create a personal short narrative and illustrate their text in the style of a sophisticated picture book. To give personal expression and voice to their narrative.

E-learning - Children will be able to use KidPix to create a visual representation of a personal narrative.
Stories will be published in KidPix using text and graphic tools.
Utilising the record functions available in KidPix to read their narrative aloud and record their text.
Assessment will be through reading and illustration success criteria and rubrics.
Self and peer assessment carried out through reading of text and assessment of accompanying illustration to the text provided.

Viv Goldsmith (Room 6), Deb Grigg (Room 7), Rodger Darkens (Room 5), Jo Watson (Room18), Deborah Barham (ESOL Teacher) and Rose Gammie (Room 19).

Junior Team goals - 8 classes
Year 1 Children will be able to read known texts with appropriate levels of fluency and phrasing. This will promote greater comprehension of the text.
Year 2 Children will be able to retell main ideas of text to promote greater comprehension of the text. This will promote greater understanding of the material.

E-learning - Utilising GarageBand to facilitate recording and playback of read text and analysis of fluency and phrasing.
Syndicate to explore use of Audacity in initial phase as an easier option for students to manipulate.
Goal will be to move towards using GarageBand by end of year.
Karen Swinton (Room 17), Phillipa Kelsal, Shelley Eaton (Room 14), Karen Blume and Nicole Varadi (Room 15), Carolyn Saunderson (Room 11), Shirley Livingston, Rachael Findlay-Clarke, (Room 12), Kelley Olsen and Maria Danby (Room 10).

Meetings and workshops at Sunnynook

Syndicate Day 1, 14th May 2010

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1st Sunnynook Lead Teacher Meeting March 31, 2010

Strategic Planning, Survey, Syndicate Goals

Sunnynook Lead Teacher Job Description April 14, 2010

Job description

Sunnynook Syndicate Goals April 14, 2010

Syndicate Goals