Here are some resources courtesy of the NEAL Seminar Day on 14th August 2010 @ Albany Senior High School. The day was hosted by Ewan McIntosh who was brilliant.Ewan's theme was that as educators we need to share, share, share! So here is my blog (it is in its infancy) - please comment and share ideas.


Here is the link:

Next a link to Ewan's Blog - this has links to all sorts of interesting insights and sites (you can even subscribe to receive emails links from Ewan.)
Here is a video from 'Edtalks' hosted in this case by Gever Tulley - this one is about the tinkering school which shows true child centred learning as the children 'tinker' with tools and materials.

Next a link to an Early Childhood Centre in Scotland - this video clip talks about managing risk - interesting for those of us at Primary level who are sometimes concerned about using hot glue guns in the classroom.