Ways we have used ICT in units so far ----

This site offers interactive resources across multiple learning areas - globalclassroom

Science :

Living World Unit Flora Fauna and Biodiversity Unit plan:

http://www.mbgnet.net/bioplants/adapt.htmlExcellent site for plant adapations (also animal match up exercise). Used as part of teaching resources, and as a directed site for research and ‘games’. ARBS : LW0524, 27, 36, 43, 58, 61. Used as teaching resources (student interactive on whiteboard).Some questions used in assessment tasks.Biodiversity 911 on the Web
Pests and Predators Interactive http://www.tki.org.nz:8008/r/environ_ed/interactive/index_e.php

Physical World: Forces

Used this site for most of the learning outcomes for this unit. Really good interactive stuff for the kids to get into on the whiteboard using the mimio.
Electricity and Magnetism activities : http://www.solpass.org/5s/AP/4.3scienceactivityy.htm

Planet Earth and Beyond:

The Rock Cycle Interactive Volcanoes Interactive Weather Interactive (Based on Britain but still relevant)

Social Studies :

Natural Disasters Unit

Shake, Rattle and Slide explains the science behind earthquakes, volcanoes and glaciers.
Information is both text and audio. http://urbanext.illinois.edu/earth/85.cfm
From the BBC, Earthquake rescue: How survivors are found http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/8459653.stmEasy to play interactive game for learning about disaster prevention. Each scenario has different difficulty levels, and takes 10 to 20 minutes to play. www.stopdisastersgame.orgThis site offers various interactive Social Studies activities teacherschoolastic

English :

Used as a teaching resource (student interactive on whiteboard). www.writingfun.com http://www.wordslide.net http://www.thelostlunchbox.com
Reading – Digistore activities
IMG_2701.JPGChildren using Reading for Literacy - software on school intranetStory writing link - elements of a story what makes a good storySpelling link - spellingbee
ESOL/low level writers activity - Here Boy!

Maths :

CD of NZC text books – demos.Mimio symmetry lesson IMG_2703.JPG

Interactive sites, eg.topmarks place value etc gamequarium Amphitheatre linkslearning mathszone


Pubertal Change slideshow on Acne

Classroom Administration:


Snapshots of Learning:

Students Work

Picture Book created in PowerPoint
Graph created in Exel
Comic created in Learning Media Journals software

Reflections: Term 2

Goal 1 : Mimio used in classroom programmes. P1020310.JPGGoal 2 : Shared practices across the school Goal 3: Use of current software packages