Principal's Introduction



The focus this year is to enhance student learning and achievment through their increased use of ICT. Although the focus this year is on the use of IT in literacy learning, the knowledge and skills gained will be used by students across all curriculum areas.

Current Directions:

FHS has a dedicated IT Suite used by James Robson twice a week with classes from across the school and used by teachers on all other days.

IT Goals 2012

School Goals:

This year we have an overarching goal for all teachers:

"Developing an effective e-learning environment"

School Organisation:

Arataki (Year 4, 5, & 6):

Lisa Leggett (LT), Rob Free, Katie Heath, Anna Smythe (LT), Tracey Towner

Akoranga (Year 3 & 4):

Deborah Cooke, Christine Robson (LT), John Keoghan, Rachel Scanlan, Trish Inch, Christine Smith

Ata Tu (Year 2):

Jessica Grant, Jane Singleton, Heather Lister

Awatea (Y0 & 1):

Jane Spray, Angela Clague (LT), Roslyn Hamilton, Lisa Negus, Fiona Gilbertson

Meeting 26th August 2011

Team Change

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