On this page are resources and info relating to E-portfolios.

'Myportfolio' web site

MyPortfolio site

MoE 'brochure' on e-portfolios published January 2011

NZEI article on digital portfolios

Ewan McIntosh on e-portfolios enabling reflective, lifelong learning.

He says Scottish 4-5yr olds start learning animation, film making, how to interview, and other on-line tools like games and quizzes. We want to capture their learning progress/process. Arguably, there's more to be gained from seeing the "mess behind the final product" than the final product itself.

Session presented by Ian Fox & Lenva Shearing - Bucklands Beach

E-Portfolios allow:
  • student's voice to be heard
  • more than just outcomes of learning to be shown, which can be limiting
  • showing learning journey
  • engagement of students in their learning
  • illustrating how outcome was reached
  • learning journeys
  • learning journal
  • formative assessment
  • reflective statements


SEE RODGER at Sunnynook for more info. Ian shared examples of e-portfolios & explained how:
Key Competencies can be built in
The technology isn't complicated - can use inbuilt camera & microphone - able to use still photos/video
Can be used for ALL curriculum areas. Don't need to test as we can just look at the e-Portfolio.
(e.g science learning objectives - features such as controlled variables, process, outcomes)