Using PhotoStory children can combine photos and text captions (perhaps found on the Internet) and display them as a video with backing music, voiceover narration and cool transitions between the images. (IanS)

Session presented by Ian Fox and Lenva at Bucklands Beach.

(SEE RODGER at Sunnynook if any questions. It's set out in a linear way, but does explain process)
Desktop Tools for digital stories:
Movies: iMovie Moviemaker
Slideshows: Keynote, PowerPoint, Photostory3
Audio: Garageband, Audacity
Online tools for digital stories:
Multimedia: Voicethread. Sign up as a K12 educator for free use.
Video: Viddix
Audio: Myna
Screencasting: Jing project , screentoaster
Slideshows: onetruemedia, vuvox, slide
Writing: etherpad , primarypad
Interactive Posters: glogster edu, scrapblog
Process for creating a digital story:
  • Write the script
  • Storyboard
  • Collect images - photos, images from internet, jpeg's
  • Record the script - Garageband, audacity, ezispeak, [audiorecorder (google mac app)]
  • Match the images
  • Publish
Lenva created a Wiki to explain the process called howtovoicethread.wikispaces. (Rodger)

Helen Barrett -
Helen Barrett

Ning - Remote Storage of data -place to get stories - social networking site - create groups with - class has account - students have account
PEOPLE are NOT invited - purely for class use. It has embed code to place in Wikis, etc