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From the Conference: Presentation by Senior students of Mission Heights School - Flatbush
Students demonstrated how they mentor junior students in cyber safety using Hector’s World.
Mission Heights School is an open source school where all students have access to computers - students have cards similar to library cards that are used to log on. Much of the students/school’s information is online.
The goal of the school is to create cyber safe citizens teaching safety for a range of technologies - computers, phone, cameras, etc. To embed cyber safety into student’s learning.
Backbone of this teaching is use of Hector’s World, implemented through mentoring programme. A lot of responsibility is given to students to monitor their own cyber safety. Knowing what information is appropriate to give, what sites may be inappropriate and what to do when encountering inappropriate sites, texts or e-mails.
  • e-learning evening for parents/community
  • Initiating a Cyber Citizenship Week
  • Hector’s World programme
  • Student mentoring

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