This is a must-see site (wiki).

It explains the differences between blogs and wikis.

The video clip gives examples of how you might use each with your students. (IanS)

blog vs wiki

Examples of Blogs and Wikis.

If nothing else, look at some of the blogs listed by Interface Magazine:

Interface class blogs

For example, one is at this link:

Moturoa blog (IanS)

Wiki of Te Whakatipuranga Hou - a cluster of 5 Bay of Plenty Primary Schools

Te Whakatipuranga Hou Cluster's Wiki with examples of ICT used in class

A class blog at Sunnybrae Normal Class 5 at Sunnybrae Normal (IanS)

A class wiki at Sunnynook School Room 5 wiki (Rodger)

Here is an Arataki Cluster teacher's blog, started with the PD contract.

Rodger's Blogspot