Principal's Introduction

We are thrilled to be part of the Arataki Cluster ICT Contract for 2012. Our school motto is 'Aim High'.
We seek to do this in ICT as well as other curriculum areas, to enhance student learning in our school.

We are a Primary School with approximately 350 students, of a broad range of ethnicities.

Our web-site is at:

E-learning Currently

One laptop (teacher) per class, 3-4 computers per classroom, data projectors in each classroom, 2 'floating' data 'visualisers' - one senior, one junior), each teacher has a digital camera, 5 pocket video cameras, Mimios in all senior classes and some in the middle school and one in the junior school. E-Learning suite of 15 laptops. Two pods of laptops (senior and middle school). Our Strategic Plan incorporates updating and building on computer hardware and tools to support learning and achievement in our school.

E-learning Vision

Target Road School will ensure that every child has the opportunity to learn the skills needed in using a selection of e learning tools to enhance their learning and ultimately the ability to select the appropriate tools needed for a particular learning or presentation task. Target Road School students will grow in confidence, skill and creativity at regularly using ICT tools, when appropriate, at home and at school and it will become an integral part of the daily learning process. Their confidence and ability will steadily increase as they use the tools to become more actively involved in their own learning. The Internet will be used freely and safely throughout the school. Target Road School, families and whanau will become increasingly aware of cyber-safety and use safe practices at home and at school.
TRS teachers will demonstrate increasingly higher levels of confidence and proficiency in their use of a range of ICT tools and use these successfully to enhance student learning in the classroom. The TRS Learning Progressions will be taught throughout the school as a part of integrated learning programmes, (topic/inquiry etc) and students will progress in their skills from Year 0 to Year 6. By the time our students leave our school for Intermediate, they will be becoming more self directed in their selection of the appropriate IT tools to use for their learning tasks. Data collection and sharing will become easier, well established and more efficient, as the new SMS is installed and a Learning Management System is put in place.
Home / School Links:
Parents will be able to go easily to the website for information, and to see student learning samples and events on class pages. They may choose to have newsletters e - mailed if desired also. There will be a link on our website to our own online newspaper (Unite) that our students will upload videos of sports events, write articles, showcase learning across the school etc.
laptops (senior and middle school). Our Strategic Plan incorporates updating and building on computer hardware and tools to support learning and achievement in our school.

School wide ICT Goals for 2012
To use e learning in both our classrooms and the E-Learning Suite as an integral part of our learning programmes.


Senior syndicate

Staff: Christine (LT), Colleen, Malcolm, Wal, Elle, Kirsten

Middle syndicate

Staff: Caroline (LT), Chrissie, Michelle, Alison

Junior Syndicate

Staff: Steve (LT), Kathy, Madeleine, Pam, Toni, Daisy, Judith-Anne, Antoinette, Alice (ESOL)

Meetings at Target Road

Syndicate Day

Milestone 6 Evidence

  • Students on Mimio


  • Learners as Teachers
  • Interview with Teacher who setup student 'how-to tutorials'.

  • ICT Skills Progressions Schedule

  • E-Learning Strategic Plan

  • Middle Syndicate ICT Goals

  • Junior Syndicate ICT Goals

  • Parent Survey Results 2012