Principal's Introduction

We are thrilled to be part of the Arataki Cluster ICT Contract for 2011. Our school motto is 'Aim High'.
We seek to do this in ICT as well as other curriculum areas, to enhance student learning in our school.

Our web-site is at:

We are a Primary School with approximately 350 students, of a broad range of ethnicities

E-learning Currently

One laptop (teacher) per class, 3-4 computers per classroom, data projectors in each classroom, 2 'floating' data 'visualisers' - one senior, one junior), 3 digital cameras, 6 pocket video cameras, Mimios in all senior classes and some in the middle school, E-Learning suite of 15 laptops. Two pods of laptops (senior and middle school). Our Strategic Plan incorporates updating and building on computer hardware and tools to support learning and achievement in our school.

E-learning Vision
Our vision is to use E-Learning in an effective way to grow or enhance learning and achievement in our school. Though our main focus will be in Literacy and Numeracy, our students will be using E-Learning across the whole curriculum.
Our vision is for our students to be able to independently select and use the appropriate programme / tool for the e - learning task at hand.

School wide ICT Goals for 2011
1. To teachers and classes to use our new online daily notices format through google sites.
2. To set up a class web page on our new school website using google sites with lots of student involvement.
3. To use e learning in both our classrooms and the E-Learning Suite as an integral part of our learning programmes.


Senior syndicate

Staff: Christine (LT), Colleen, Malcom, Wal, Toni, Kirsten

Middle syndicate

Staff: Caroline (LT), Chrissie, Michelle, Elle

Junior Syndicate

Staff: Steve (LT), Kathy, Madeleine, Pam, Jenny, Rosita, Judith-Anne, Antoinette, Alice (ESOL)

Meetings at Target Road


Community Survey 2011
Our Parent Survey showed that:
96% students/families have a computer at home.
92% have access to the Internet.
A large amount of parents are accessing the newsletter on the website or are having it e mailed to them weekly.
Over 50% of parents are interested in their child being a part of a digital integrated classroom. They also indicated they would be prepared to pay towards making this happen.