Arataki Cluster Conference 10th August 2012

'Personalised Learning through student use of ICT'
Below is the timetable and schedule of breakout sessions.
Each breakout choice has been setup as a hyperlink to resources provided by each presenter to support their sessions.

Conference Timetable and Schedule of Breakouts

Arrive at Wairau Intermediate School Hall for Coffee & Tea
Seated in Wairau School Hall for Introduction & Housekeeping by Peter Mulcahy & Ian Suckling
9:15 - 10:30
Keynote Presentation by John Phelps in Wairau School Hall
"You can't be a real teacher Mr Phelps if you don't… … …"
Considerable time spent listening to students leads to sharing ideas that make learning exciting and engaging for both teachers and students. Is it ok to take risks and make mistakes as we find ways to share our learning with others?
10:30 -11:00
Travel to Breakout 1 venue (coffee/tea at next venue)
11:00 - 11:45
Breakout 1

Choice 1.1
Choice 1.2
Choice 1.3
Choice 1.4
Choice 1.5
Choice 1.6
Choice 1.7
Choice 1.8
It’s all in the image.
Capturing still & moving images
Story-telling & animation
Creative & logical thinking in Scratch.
To teach is to learn twice” Joubert 1754.
Class Blog 101
Learner Reflection
Giving students a voice!
John Phelps
Robert Douglas & Nathan Kerr
Fiona Scott (W)
James Robson (F)
Malcom (T)
Steve Lydford (T)
Christine Robson (F)
Rodger Darkens (S)
Undertake a range of activities that harness the power of images as learning prompts across a range of curriculum areas.
All ages.
ICT suite
Examples of how research, narration, story telling & review can be enhanced by image capture. Look at collating & editing images with moviemaker /iMovie. All ages. Wairau Block 2
Story telling with animation using Kahootz. Animate characters, link scenes, add sound and control camera angles.
Create your own animated story.
Year 4+
Art Room
Programming using Scratch is simple, fun and free.
Create interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art. Share these on the web. Suitable for Yr3 on.
All ages.
Room 4
Learners as Teachers. Students' 'how-to' videos for peers in math & literacy. Also, use of Skype for a collaborative task related to all 5 Kcs.
Year 4+
Target Rd
Room 3
How to create a classroom blog. Covers the basics to enable you to create your own class blog. Come with a gmail account.
All ages.
Target Rd ICT suite
Exploring e-spaces for students to share, comment and reflect on their work. Specifically Kidsblog and Googledocs.
All ages.
Room 20
Use of wikis, blogs, GoogleSites or Ultranet to embed tools across the curriculum (Photobooth, KidPix, Audacity, VoiceThread, PhotoStory, Vocaroo).
All ages.
Room 4
11:45 – 12:15
Travel to Breakout 2 venue (coffee/tea at next venue)

12:15 – 1:00
Breakout 2

Choice 2.1
Choice 2.2
Choice 2.3
Choice 2.4
Choice 2.5
Choice 2.6
Choice 2.7
Choice 2.8
Take 10

I-pads in class
learning with Mathletics
Maths with ICT
Google suite
Creating Independent Yr1 Learners
Interactive Whiteboards
John Phelps
Robert Douglas
Stephen Kendall-Jones (S)
Jenna Wilkins (V)
Judy (W)
Teresa (W)
Anna (F)
Lisa (F)
Shelley Eaton (S)
Colleen (T)
Rachael (S)
10 activities that engage students as creative learners. The activities suit all age levels and support literacy, numeracy and thinking.
All ages.
Block 1.
All ages
Block 2
Explore the use of iPads as teaching & learning tools in different learning areas and year levels (the why, how, when, where!) We'll refer to international research.
Bring an iPad or laptop. Suitable for all ability levels.
All ages.
Staff Room
Explore this NZ online learning platform. Activities for
remediation, extension and enrichment enable personalised learning & real time data (and fun competition)Equipment: BYO laptop, Apple or PC.
All ages. Sunnynook ICT suite
Stimulate and engage your students in geometry and measurement lessons. Learn to use Word & PowerPoint drawing, align, layering and rotation tools to create shapes, patterns and tessellations
All ages.
ICT suite
Google docs, gmail, groups, forms and the pedagogy behind their use.
ICT for inquiry (eg graphic organisers). The why and how of collaborative learning.
Year 3+
Room 14
Discover how Shelley's Year One children are beginning to manage their own class learning. They are learning to self-direct their learning, based on their own learning needs.
All ages.
Room 12
Use of Interactive Whiteboards to support / enhance learning.
All ages.
Target Rd
Room 4
1:15 – 2:00
Lunch at Wairau
2:00 – 2:45
Closing Session by John Phelps
Putting it all together.
Being real learners, taking risks to make learning exciting & engaging. How do we know it's effective?
2:45 – 3:00
Feedback forms
3:00 - ?
Drinks and Nibbles