Principal's IntroductionWe are thrilled to be part of the Arataki Cluster ICT Contract for 2010. Our school motto is 'Aim High'.
We seek to do this in ICT as well as other curriculum areas, to enhance student learning in our school.

We are a Primary School with approximately 350 students, of a broad range of ethnicities.
Our web-site is at:

‍E-learning Currently

One laptop (teacher) per class, data projectors in each classroom, 2 'floating' data 'visualisers' - one senior, one junior), 3 digital cameras, 3 pocket video cameras, Mimios in all senior classes and some in the middle school, Computer Lab of 9 PCs. No student internet access. Our Strategic Planincorporates the possibility of purchasing more tools to support learning and achievement (e,g, more mimio or cameras etc).
Software licences for ComicLife and Inspiration.

‍E-learning Vision

Our vision is to use ICT in an effective way to grow or enhance learning and achievement in our school. Though our main focus will be in Literacy and Numeracy, we will be seeking to use ICT across the whole curriculum.

School wide ICT Goals for 2010
1 Teachers to become confident using SchoolMaster SMS, especially to insert and retrieve data to support students learning and achievement.
2 To use existing ICT tools to enhance teaching & learning, particularly in Literacy & Numeracy. Later incorporating all subject areas.


‍Senior syndicate

Staff: Christine (LT), Colleen, Malcom, Wal, Kirsten
Tools: Digital Camera, data projectors and mimio in all rooms, digital camera, Vado video cam.
Goal: To develop students' interviewing skills: research, write, and follow interview process, related to inquiry topic "How Do Wings Work?".
Learning Object: Appropriate ICT tools will be used to enhance learning. Vado Digi-cams to record interviews.
Evidence: Students assess and give feedback on their own, buddy's, or group's interviewing skills and quality of research questions.
They will record their interviews for an audience.
Their RAT (Real Assessment Task) is Interviewing Famous Aviators (Group Activity). Roles: Interviewer, interviewee, friend of the aviator, etc.

Senior Goal 2: To use Mimios to enhance learning in Reading in particular, but also in other curriculum areas such as Topic.
- Use expertise within the team along with support from Lainey. (Waterman)
- Use the Mimio for modeling, and as an independent learning tool for groups.
- Continue to use Vado cameras (Goal 1) in innovative ways, in particular for students to talk about their learning.
Evidence: Students will become familiar with using the Mimio during their group and class sessions.
Students will self assess and give feedback regarding their learning.

‍Middle syndicate

Staff: Caroline (LT), Alison, Chrissie, Michelle, Elle

Goal: To improve students' spelling
Learning Object: spelling
Evidence: comparing the students' Peters spelling age before and after using the program
Goal 2: To use digital technology to produce a visual flow chart or power point presentation that will enhance children's writing.
Learning Object : Vado cameras
Evidence: Students review and assess end product.

‍Junior Syndicate

Staff: Steve (LT), Kathy, Madeleine, Pam, Jenny, Rosita, Judith-Anne, Antoinette, Alice (ESOL)

Goal: To enhance and motivate learning in reading using ICT for shared reading, building up basic word knowledge and letter sounds.
Learning Object/ICT tools: Data-Projector all rooms. Vado video camera, digital cam.
Goal 2: To extend the use of the Data Projector as a classroom teaching, learning and motivational tool for Topic / Reading.
Learning Object : Data Projector in all rooms, DVDs, Internet Sites.

‍Meetings at Target Road

‍Syndicate Day 1, 23/3/2010

Report from Ian
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Ian's Slide Presentation
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Feedback from Syndicate Day 1
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‍Syndicate Day 2, 18/8/2010

wall wisher
Report from Ian
external image msword.png facilitation report day2 target.doc
Feedback from Syndicate Day 2
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Snapshot for Learning