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This wiki is for contributions by all Principals, Lead Teachers and teachers. If there are problems, please contact Peter Mulcahy, Cluster Director and Principal of Sunnynook Primary School.


The survey below is open to teachers from the Arataki Cluster who have been involved in the Cluster for the past three years. The survey will take 10 - 15 minutes to complete. Please only complete it once. Any queries please contact: principal@sunnynook.school.nz

ICT PD Survey 2012


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Structure and Staff

The cluster is made up of the following schools:
Peter Mulcahy (P), Rodger Darkens (co-ord/middle) & Shelley Eaton (jnr)
Enid Watson (P), Lisa Leggett (snr), Anna Smythe (snr), Penny Elson (mid), Angela Clague (jnr), James Robson (ict)
(P), Christine Templeton (ICT Leader), Colleen Patterson (sen) Caroline Jones (mid), Steve Lydford (jnr),
Grant Murray (P), George Pilgrim, Bernadette Walles, Dave Clayton
  • Cluster Facilitator: Ian Suckling

Email contacts:
principal@sunnynook.school.nz; rodgerd@sunnynook.school.nz; shelleye@sunnynook.school.nz; stephenk@sunnynook.school.nz; rachaelf@sunnynook.school.nz;
ewatson@forresthill.school.nz; lleggett@forresthill.school.nz; asmythe@forresthill.school.nz; pelson@forresthill.school.nz; aclague@forresthill.school.nz; jrobson@forresthill.school.nz;
principal@target.school.nz; deputyprincipal@target.school.nz; colleenp@target.school.nz; carolinej@target.school.nz; stevel@target.school.nz; grantm@wairau.school.nz; georgep@wairau.school.nz; bernadettew@wairau.school.nz; teresan@wairau.school.nz;

Developing a Community of Practice

You can discuss topics relevant either to a specific school, year level or role (eg Lead Teacher), or to the whole cluster.
  • Go to a page listed on the navigation bar on the left of the screen.
  • Click on 'Discussion' at the top of the page.