2012 Interface Xpo


iPad works best in vertical position due to internal antenna. 10 hour battery life
Set up iCloud account 5Gb storage, uses apple iD

ArtRage now available (put on whiteboard)
iLife Apps (GarageBand, iPhoto)$6.95
iWorks $14.95
Find my iPad
AirPlay - TV/projector (HMDI projection) link (Cyclone has connector) VGA
connector $54 - mirrors screen

iOS Security (Enterprise level security)
Device install passcode (4 digit code) - first level of security
Data documents, e-mail, etc (has remote wipe if device lost)
Platform Apps have security to prevent unauthorised changes

iOS Deployment
(Configuartion Profile - set up via wired or wireless)
User configuration
Accounts - e-amil, calendar, wi-fi
Policies - passcodes length, local wipe
Restrictions - applications

Self Service -----------------------------------------------à Fully Managed
User sets up everything-------------------------------IT configures as school iPad
Update, Sync, Back-up--------------------------------- Update, Sync, Back-up

MDM - Mobile Device Management
iPad serial numbers,
Enroll - setting up devices - authentification, certificate enrollment, device configuration
Use Query (what’s being used) - good for assett management - checking policies adhered to
Manage functions (how used) - install & remove setting, clear passcodes, remore lock

useful for syncing out to group of iPads & back-up

No volume purchase agreements in NZ
End Use agreement states - Apps bought for Educational use are 1 to 1

iPad Deployment Strategy

set up school iPAd admin email account - for App purchases
set up email account for each iPad - for mail outs to all iPads & emailing teachers
Set up iPad iTunes accounts - for non credit card iTunes accounts
Set up iCloud account - enables features like “Find my iPad”

Set up dedicated Sync station - muliple iPads can be syced at a time -
Build Master iPad device - download, install, update all Apps, usernames & passwords
Back up Master into iTunes

Profile Manager (works with iBooks running Lion)
Profile configuration (email accounts, passcodes, accounts, policies, restrictions)
Device details
Network information
User Portal

Apple Configurator (free tool)
Prepare devices - great for school (wired NOT wireless)
Supervise devices
Assign device - issue to individual user

Casper Suite & Education client management (Mac & iOS Support made easy)


Migrating to the Cloud

Reasons for change - 24/7 access on any device.
Free public cloud services - Microsoft Office 365

Currently most school operating with server based network. Some movement towards cloud apps e.g. Google docs, Google sites, Calendar etc.

Cloud gives mobility of service - data on different devices, laptop, iPad, computer. These are all internet dependent - core infrastructure.

Consumerisation of IT (BYOD) - personally owned devices.
Subscription based services - monthly fee rather than one off purchase.
Cloud/multi tenanted service

Nimbus product related Telco Technology Services (TTS) providing cloud portal

BYOD - Securing Your Network

SonicWALL product

Some Web 2.0 Apps allow people to bypass firewalls (Apps such as Opera Turbo) can bypass firewalls. Also business apps, malware.

Students are interacting with applications online from an early age - no fears about to pick up new technology on many platforms. Educators making use of apps such as Mathletics, StudyLadder, Zoodles. How do we distinguish appropriate v inappropriate?

Need to teach our students the concept of web browsers - content online.

Primary Risks
$15,000 fine for copyright infringement
Will school be liable for Denial of Services attacks form compromised computers?
Dangers of inappropriate negative sites/content coming up

What Can I Do?
Do self assessement
Do we receive regular reports on
  • web browsing
  • web filtering (sites blocked)
  • top internet users
  • applications detected

Reports act as burglar alarm, help to understand our environment, potential issues, user needs/requirements. Help to make decisions about policy.
Also help identify incidents - what? - when? - who?

BYOD Challenges
  • Managing aaplications on devices or accessed via devices
  • Ensuring infected devices do not spread infections into network
  • Management & policies without deployment of agents to BYOD devices
  • Ensure BYOD devices cannot be used as stepping stones for nefarious activity
  • Understanding what is being used within our environment

SonicWALL entry level firewall is $2,000 TZ210