Cloud computing:

From web-based software and services through to a complete ICT infrastructure, what’s right for your school?
Cloud computing hype promises numerous benefits and cost-savings for schools. But what exactly is feasible in 2011? Join us as we demystify the 'cloud' and explain in plain English how your school can transition from individual online systems such as LMS, SMS and email, through to a complete cloud infrastructure that includes office productivity software, data storage and backup.
Short video clip on cloud computing - business model but explains idea clearly

Integrating Ultranet to support online learning communities

Successfully implementing a Learning Management System (LMS) can be a challenge, but an increasing number of schools are seeing heightened student engagement and strengthened links between home and school following a structured, phased approach to LMS implementation. Edtech explains how these schools have begun this journey using Ultranet.
Ultranet - Overview & Features

I have done a brief analysis of Cloud Computing and the benefits of a Learning Management System (LMS) such as UltraNet.
Cloud Computing

The future of learning – emerging technologies

Cyclone Computers/IBM
Technology advances will drive profound change for today’s students. A 10-year-old will experience a dramatically different global society when they enter the workforce in 2020. Cyclone Computers and IBM explore what schools should consider to help prepare students, staff and the school’s infrastructure to accommodate these changes?

The Future of Learning

PowerPoint Presentation

Presentation explored the various tools that students will be engaging in their e-learning. Many of these were covered in the Jacqui Sharp Cluster Day and in her Digital Toolkit. One thing that is clear is that todays students will be interacting with a wide variety of technology and much of it will be portable and immediate in design. How are we, as teachers going to incorporate this into the e-learning process?

Other Vendors & Presentations

ClickView is designed to assist learning in the classroom by providing a simple and complete solution for watching digital video and other digital media within a school. Downloads video in chapters to overcome the buffering problems we often encounter when viewing video online. Also provides a video & worksheet library.

Learning Media - Write Tools
Write Tools is a unique toolkit that we developed for US distributor Nelson Education. Through a variety of media, Write Tools gives middle primary teachers support and flexibility to meet their students’ needs and interest in creative writing.

A rebranding of the Renaissance group
  • In the learning environment, we own Natcoll design technology school and a number of Apple Certified Training Centres.
  • For solutions we have direct sales teams that can offer your business a consultative process to affect the best outcome for your business needs.
  • Our exciting range of products can be viewed in our webshop or at our YOOBEE stores. These have been rebranded from MagnumMac to our bright and bold YOOBEE brand.
  • In our community we provide opportunities to bring out the creative side in everyone.

Ruckus Wireless
Delivering wireless networks.