QLC Summary – Term 2
Teachers from Year 5 and 6
Venue: Target Road School
Duration: 3.15-4.15pm

Forrest Hill School
Teachers from FHS shared how they had come up with their goals for ICT for the year.These goals had stemmed from the desire to integrate learning from reading, writing and the broader curriculum.The result was a plan that covered these 3 curriculum areas and incorporated ICT into learning experiences.
Other teachers were interested into the ICT technologies that were available to students at FHS.Teachers shared what tools they used during the unit.

Sunnynook Primary
Teachers from Sunnynook shared their ICT goals.They had decided to focus on an ICT tool, to increase teacher’s professional development.
Target Road Primary
Teachers from Target Road shared their goals and also shared management strategies that had worked in their classes in relation to the digital cameras.