Middle QLC

Minutes of Cross School Meeting 15th June 2010
Arataki Middle Schools held at Forrest Hill School.
We reflected on the Arataki goals and outlined each schools middle syndicate IT goals. Teacher from each school explained the work that they had been doing in relation to their goals.
Forrest Hillhas been exploring cyber safety through the Hectors World site. We have created i-google pages for each class that contain the links that the class go to. Planning now includes actual website links. Teachers use their planning while they are teaching to click on the sites already bookmarked. Several classes have started a wiki and will be exploring how to use these with their classes.
Sunnynookhave been exploring kidpix as a medium for ebooks. One class has a class wiki that the students have access to from home by invitation.
Target Roadhas classrooms equipped with a laptop and projector. Teachers have been exploring the use of internet sites that can be demonstrated to students through the data projector. They have been using Spellingcity.com
Next Steps:
1. To invite classes from other school to join wiki’s
2. Cross School collaboration – students to visit and work with students from other schools. A medium for sharing skills and programmes.
3. Development of a cross school middle school wiki page on which to place websites and activities accompanied by a description of the website and its classroom use. Include contact name for the person putting the website on.