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KidPix Resources
KidPix ideas from Te Whakatipuranga Hou ICT Cluster
Link to wiki playground
The link to the wiki playground does not work in the PDF so I have put link below
Rodger's wiki playground
An example of a class wiki
This is our class wiki - it is restricted (our cyber-safety) access but click on the link below and request to join to have a look.

Room 5 wiki

Sunnynook Middle School Reflections on KidPix/Literacy Unit

Middle School Reflections

Maths Magician This is a Basic Facts website. The students compete against the clock and receive certificates when facts are accurate and quick. (Christine FHS)


Social Studies
Classroom resources Cyber Safety Hectors World
Hectors World is a resource from Net Safe New Zealand. The characters live in Silicon Deep and the story follows the group of sea creatures as they discover the importance of Cyber Safety.